As we state on our website, Park City is a true Alpine Metropolis.  With world class snow sports in the winter and an incredible array of summer activities makes Park City the ultimate year-round vacation destination.  The reasons to visit are many!










Once you’ve arrived in Park City for your summer vacation, the temperature is normally a wonderfully dry 75 to 80°F with lots of sun and the occasional afternoon thunderstorm.  As we all know, weather is often the platform that dictates what we choose to with regard to sports and activities.  Your only frustration will be what activity to partake!  With world class golf courses, hundreds of miles of IMBA Gold Standard Mountain Bike trails, National Parks for hiking, beautiful rivers for rafting and fly fishing and yes, large fresh water reservoirs for sailing, waterskiing and swimming.  You can even surf (behind a boat) and not worry about sharks!

In the evening there are lots of restaurants with a wide range of ethnic cuisine, pubs with exquisitely crafted brews, movies houses and outdoor venues featuring both local and sometimes famous musicians.  The bottom line?   Park City is not just a winter ski resort!

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